Museum App Technology: Not Just for Millennials

Guru app reaches wide audience

Last October, the San Diego Museum of Art launched its new mobile app. One of its biggest fans? Eighty-year-old Judy H., and she didn’t even need to step foot in the museum.

Through the app, Judy, who finds it difficult to leave home for long spans of time, was not only able to see the amazing works SDMA has to offer, but was also able to experience audio overviews, bonus material, videos and more.

“I'm very excited to see the museum now has an app,” said Judy during a call to the museum. “At 80 years old, I can't get to the museum as often as I'd like due to health challenges, so this is great that I can still [learn] about the art from my home."

The Young Shepherdess

, one of the museum's favorite works, is accessed right from a visitor's smart phone including audio overview, photos, bonus material and more.

A sculpture from the museum's Asian collection is fully accessible through the app. A plus for those who can't travel to see it in person and for an artwork that's virtually impossible to Google.

Intended to reach a broader audience including millennials and those typically averse to museum-going, it is clear that the museum’s new app is indeed reaching an even wider audience than that. Because the app can be used on any mobile device, the museum is now accessible to those who can’t make the journey, but have always wanted to visit. For many, thanks to this new app, the art isn’t just brought to life, but brought right into their homes.

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