AAM 2023 Follow-Up

In case you missed it...

The Guru Experience Co. team had a great time at this year's AAM annual conference learning, sharing, and connecting with our peers.

What We Presented

Our SVP of Creative Production, Dana Duran, participated as a guest speaker on a panel to discuss the foundations of AR and its various applications for museums and cultural institutions, and had a big crowd eager to test out our methods and see interpretive AR in action!

Scroll down and scan the QR code for a peek of what you might have missed!

Take a look at some of our team's most memorable takeaways:

Guru board member, Nik Honeysett, from Balboa Park Online Collaborative, discussed the importance of journey mapping for every institution:

"When envisioning your map, put yourself in the position of your visitor and personalize the map based on THEIR experience or the experience you want them to have... Remember that a visit doesn’t necessarily mean a physical visit to a museum, it applies to online, mobile and other forms of technology so keep that in mind when determining a journey map.”

Nik Honeysett

Ashleigh Richelle from the Oakland Museum of California discussed the importance of engaging users utilizing all types of digital storytelling included social media, in session #WethePeople Digital Storytelling.

"UGC (user-generated content) is powerful and can connect to a broad audience"

Ashleigh Richelle

Dexter Nelson III from History Colorado Center presented a different way of leveraging an app to explore state-wise history in his poster talk featuring Guru Experience Co.'s platform (see a photo of his great turnout above!)

Scan the QR code above for a peek at Dana's AR panel 101 presentation.