User-Generated Storytelling is Going Archival

Experience "The Culture" at The Baltimore Museum of Art

Step up to the mic, and share your stories of Hip Hop!

The Baltimore Museum of Art and the St. Louis Art Museum partnered again with our Guru Experience Co. team to repurpose our user-generated story platform for their latest temporary exhibition "The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century". This time, visitors can choose to create, share, and save in historical archives their experiences and stories around Hip Hop. 

Similar to a previous iteration, the "Roots & Routes" interactive, users record a story about a memorable moment they had with Hip Hop, and can even add photos along with dates and locations. The museum team then has a chance to review the stories for appropriateness, and, with a click of a button, publish them for other visitors to the exhibitions to explore. Unlike the old rendition of the interactive, the stories will live in an HBCU partner's digital archives for scholars and fans to explore in perpetuity.

Have ideas on how to create your own story-collection project? Or maybe you have a novel idea on how to leverage our CMS for something totally custom?