Blooloop Goes In-Depth with Guru Experience Co.'s Suzie Dergham

Guru Experience Co.'s CEO Suzie Dergham

What happens when a Visitor-Experience Veteran takes the reigns of a Mobile Visitor Guide Company?

“I very much enjoyed working with and ensuring that our teams were creating the best experience on-site for museums, as though we were museum staff.” 

Suzie Dergham, CEO of Guru Experience Co. regarding her time running the onsite audio tour operations for Statue of Liberty, MoMA, and the Fine Arts Museum San Francisco.

Blooloop—a leading news source for attractions industry professionals—sat down with our CEO to discuss how she has been building a name for herself in museum visitor services for over a decade. In her time at Guru, she has helmed three years of stabilization, growth, and evolution into the future. Read on for more on Suzie's vision for the company, what makes her tick, and the way we are looking to grow alongside the future-focused mindset of digital experiences in cultural institutions! 

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