NEW Indoor wayfinding

Are your visitors getting lost?

A Way-finding Mobile Guide to Solve all your Visitors' Navigation Struggles

Nothing is more frustrating for visitors than not being able to find your collection's most iconic piece of art, or most famous artifact, or even the bathrooms! Paper maps aren't the most helpful, considering they can't show 'where you are' nor tell you how to get where you want to go. That's where Guru's way-finding mobile guides come in. 

  • Great for indoor, outdoor, and multi-level locations

  • Blue-dot geolocation follows where you are

  • "Go Here" function navigates you to any point of interest

  • Interactive maps show location of interpretive content

  • List view shows what's nearby


Indoor Navigation at SCH

Making sure visitors can maximize their time at your cultural site is key to delivering an outstanding visitor experience. Besides way-finding, Guru offers engaging content production and delightful AR experiences to suit every visitor demographic coming through your doors!

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